As Fishers of Men-Mathew 4:19

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January 20, 2019
April 9, 2020

As Fishers of Men-Mathew 4:19

Bible Lesson: Mathew 4:19

Key Note: Be fishers of Men, You will catch them, And He will clean them.

It is obvious that there are various functions for people of God in the vineyard. While few are calledfishersofmen to be preachers, some are the prophets, others are sidemen/ladies, others are Choir members while several others has several other roles to play to make the church what it is.
Whatever role each and everyone is assigned or called to play, what is important is that all must know God Almighty in truth
and in honest on how we worship Him and how we relate with other fellow human being. We all must be born again and acknowledge Jesus. Christ as our Savior and Lord and then we can be useful to whom that called us to serve.
Jesus called a few individuals to make sure that they know each other. It was after that He said unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Mathew 4:19
In a christian family we all have the opportunity of bringing another person to Christ of which you may not know the reason
for doing so other than for the person to come and taste Christ for good. Andrew brought Peter to Christ and Peter later became the leader of the team after Christ ascension to heaven.
Another way others may be called to the vineyard is when you are just doing what you are suppose to do of which you never know who is noticing or passing bye. A common example is when choir is singing and by doing so other individual felt he or she needs to come to your church. Then you are on the side performing the role of fishers of men. It may be the way you are talking or addressing others that may attract a future worshiper of Christ. You do not need to know the challenges your friend has before you call him to come and worship with you. God victory or blessing to hand over to all of us at different level. Baba Ajanlekoko brought Baba Bada to Celestial Church of Christ and Baba Abiodun Bada later became the number 2 in the organization setting as he became a shepherd ahead of his referrer and others.
You do not need to force people to follow your invitation through. And you do not need any other special certification to bring others to Christ. Even if you do not know what to say, you will be able to say come and see what God is doing in life of other people. The first need of everyone is Salvation. All other needs becomes secondary. However, God can still use the secondary reason to bring you in to know Him more….
Therefore, whatever, role you are playing in the house of God, you need to always be in spirit, be prayerful, be knowledgeable in the word of God (to be able to fight the devil) and have compassion for what you are doing.  It is the combination of all these attributes and many  more that can help you be an instrument of praise and a vessel unto honor fit for the Masters use. If you win souls for Christ, you will surely be rewarded by whom that called you. Heb 10:36. 2Tim.4:7-8. As a result you are chosen to bear fruits John 15:16 as you are called as a part of the laborer harvesting souls. Matthew 9:37


  • God make my life radiate and be an exemplary of Lords beauty in your vineyard and outside
  • God give me the Holy Spirit to be able to perform the duty of fishers of men in your vineyard fruitfully to your glory.
  • God to give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that superseed the  devil forces as I am carrying out the duty of a Fishers of Men.


Evang. Amos Ojerinde