The Women Ministry is established in the Church to take care of women in our community: single, married, unmarried or widowers.

Being a member will afford individually to appreciate their unique personality and expected roles on daily issues like self-esteem, setting goals and pursuing dreams. Our goal is to help discover and maintain the purpose of God in our women’s lives.

Also, as a role model and family builder, the right attitude fortified with the word of God passed down during retreats and biblical/spiritual programs will help them raise the very strong family for the Lord.

This group will be responsible for their actions moderated by the Elected Women Leader and her executive member who will in turn submit regular report to the Shepherd especially for spiritual support.
If you are interested in becoming part of the group and function in any capacity, please send your inquiry to the Leader in Charge and we will get back to you soon.

The enlarged body of the women is known as “The Women Council”. The women council oversees all the activities of all female departments in the Parish while the Shepherd will always be fully informed of all the decisions.

Thank You.

For The Attention of The Women Council Leader, please fill this form: