Youth Ministry is for young people between 11-25 years of age with the aim of developing their spiritual life through teaching, class activities, projects, essays and other Godly methods and foster mentor ship and leadership through a carefully designed mentorship program.

The word of God is the light that help our young folks to succeed in the year ahead.

Interested in youth activities, please fill the form below to contact us and one of the Sunday School Teacher will surely contact you as soon as possible. To be spiritual you need to be clean and keep the surrounding clean by following the home cleaning instructions.

For me, Bible study started at a young age.

I was blessed to have parents who encouraged my brothers and me to get into the word early, to write things down, to learn for ourselves what it had to teach. I’m sure I thought it was boring at the time; but now that I’m a teenager, I’m starting to realize this personal discipline is essential to my life and future.

It was through personal, inductive Bible study that I learned to really love God’s word. But when I look at the church around me, I don’t see much emphasis on Bible study in youth ministries. We’re encouraged to read our Bible, of course; but what the Christian culture gives us is one lesson after another on “issues,” and very little encouragement to study the Scriptures in depth.

But we teens need Bible study — more than we even realize. Here are four reasons I believe pastors, teachers, youth leaders, and Christian parents need to encourage and exhort us to study the Bible, and teach us how to do it.

Thank you