What does your spoken words bring to you: LIFE OR DEATH?

As Fishers of Men-Mathew 4:19
May 1, 2019

What does your spoken words bring to you: LIFE OR DEATH?

The bible lessons for today touches each and every one of us from different dimensions but saying the same thing to us all. You either be a child or a parent, a leader or a follower.

The character you project reveal you to another person on how best you are using the smallest parts of your body; which is your tongue! It will either show you as a wise or a fool person.

The translation of your character reveals you more and quickly if you respond to questions or an enquiry softly or the one that gives grievous words all the time. People knows you quickly and give you a classification or a leverage respect whenever they need to relate, report, comment, or reward you on any subject of interests.

The lessons of today laid emphasis on the fact that it does not matter the level of your knowledge or education or academic achievements, it is your tongue usage that help you to use it (the knowledge) correctly or your mouth that poured out foolishness, thus makes you a fool! V.2

In the same way, the use of your tongue softly can as well turn away wrath while grievous words stir up anger. V.1

In Proverb 18:21- The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

From the above, it becomes obvious that a person’s word will eventually determine his course of life. Our chosen words also can affect other people’s attitude and emotions towards the speaker- James 1:26

Every spoken word matters, they influences someone either negatively or positively.

Now, as a child, in v.5 says a fool despise his father’s instruction: but he/she that regard reprove is prudent.

You will now see result that all these evolve in a house, or a home that we live in as it is recorded in v.6 where it says, that in the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble.

The reason is that in v.7, the lips of the wise despises knowledge: but the heart of the foolish does not do so.

Then from the second lesson-Mathew 10:16-26., if you want to be or become a child of God or a follower of Jesus Christ, your sanity rests purely on how best you can control your tongue because, your tongue usage determines your emotion.

Your ability to control your tongue will let people raise a comment that says: truly, this is a son or daughter of God! That means you don’t have to raise defense to everything that is said against you or to defend yourself in every situation. Silence is golden for a child of God. The more reason God himself does not talk every time.

Your ability to control your tongue will let people raise a comments that says truly, this is a child of God.

Jesus teaches us in v.16 that we are being sent to the midst of wolves as a sheep but we need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. It shows that there are elements out there that will surely push us to the wall. THEY ARE WICKED, CARLOUS, DAGEROUS, UNREASONABLE, JEALOUS AND DECEITFULL. And if we do not give value to the purpose of our call and our journey, we may miss our target and thus loose the crown. Our heavenly father know everything about our challenges and thus already warned us before we get there only if we can listen to Him more and follow his directives.

When you are facing a serious challenge, the use of tongue is very important. Let us see how few people control the use of their tongue, thus their emotions and they are able to tap into the blessing of God and achieve success at the end of their journey

1 Sam 1:13-18- Hannah gave a positive answer to Prophet Elli and she was blessed even beyond expectation. Her challenge was multi-dimensional, (from rival in the home, in the community, as well inside the church of God; yet she succeeded and avoided her emotions to destroy her glory. If she had used her emotion to all that was happening to her to give a reply to undeserved review of Prophet Elli to her, she would have lost the final blessing showered on her and thus she would have be barren forever.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, while facing the judgment of series of wrong accusations, he did not say a word until when it was absolutely necessary to confirm his glory. Even when he was thinking that God was too cold for comfort in the devastating situations, he talked less and quickly return to spiritual help. He was then able to wait on the Lord until manifestation of his glory. Then the onlookers and even the mockers said, truly this is the son of god.

In summary, the conclusion is that, your spoken words can bring life or death to you. What is life: when you are believing God for anything and you are able to manage your tongue and you eventually receive the blessing? Then that is the fruit and thus the Life to you. However, when you spend unending time waiting for God with fake hope and you continued to run your mouth where it is not necessary, it brings death like the barren woman that spoke against David in the bible till today. (Read 2 Samuel 6:20-23) Therefore, use your tongue rightly as whatever you profess shall come to pass and you may not even know that it has something to do with your prayer request. 

Prayer Points:

  1. My tongue shall not cause death for me and my destiny in Jesus mighty name.
  2. Any cause inherited that is stopping my blessing shall be removed in Jesus name.
  3. I decreed and come against any and all evil thing trying to give-in into my soul in Jesus name.
  4. Any abuse that I may have suffered pronouncing me guilty and condemnation from the power of my or other peoples tongue  be cleaned in Jesus mighty name.
  5. No power of tongue shall have negative impact on my life anymore in Jesus Mighty name. Amen
  6. I declare that from this moment on, I shall move from glory to glory in Jesus mighty name. Amen

By Evang. Amos Ojerinde